Payment and Class Policies

Adult Class Rate
Checks and cash accepted. Please make checks payable to “Chinese Cultural Productions.” Fees must be paid before class begins, registration fee is $35.

Classes are open to adults, dancers of all backgrounds and experience.  Lily Cai Dance Studio welcomes students under 18 years old with parent’s consent.

Payment Policy
Payment for the entire semester is due on or before the first day of class. You will be notified of the amount due before first day. Late Payment will be penalized with a 10% late fee.

If you have any questions or special payment requests, please e-mail We will try our best to accommodate.

Class Conduct
1. Be on time to class; late students will be admitted at the discretion of the instructor.
2. We do not offer refunds, pro-ration, or make up lessons for classes missed except with permission from instructor.
3. All students and observers must turn off cell phones and paging devices before class. No photography or recording devices allowed at any time.
4. Students behaving disruptively or disrespectfully may be asked to sit out or leave class.
5. There are times when the instructor must adjust a student’s posture, position, or movement. If you wish not to be touched, alert the instructor.
6. Notify instructor before class of injuries or medical conditions.
7. Students must ask the instructor for clarification regarding any aspect of class. Refrain from asking other students or correcting other students.

Dress Code for Adults
1. Non-marking dance shoes
2. Form-fitting clothing which allows for full movement of the body
3. Bring water and a towel to class.


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