Lily Cai 

Lily Cai
Lily Cai Technique Class, Wednesdays 5:45 – 7:30 p.m.

Founder and Artistic Director of the Lily Cai Chinese Dance Company and the co-founder of Chinese Cultural Productions, Lily Cai blends Chinese traditional, folk, and classical dance with Western ballet and modern dance, to create compelling, contemporary choreography. She founded her company in 1988 and has since organized dozens of original works. Today, Lily Cai is recognized for her artistic productions and her masterful teaching of her dance technique for contemporary dance and ballet.

In addition to creating dance, Lily has developed her own unique technique to improve dancer strength and stamina, drawing from the Chinese philosophy of Yin-Yang, the concept of Qi (energy flow), and a lifetime of research. In 2010, she opened the Lily Cai Dance Studio in San Francisco, training aspiring and professional dancers to develop internal power, core strength, and breath control.


C-oNe Tang
Hip Hop and/or Contemporary, TBA

C-oNe, an all around artist of media, movement, music, and mixology has been performing for over 15 years in multiple arenas. With her inner passion to explore the entire spectrum of the arts, C-oNe has studied various forms of dance, music, and culture ranging from ballet to breaking. These influences ignites her ever-evolving creations as she continuously searches for more inspirations throughout this massive playground we live in. She is honored to be studying and performing under the direction of Lily Cai since 2007 learning not only dance, but understanding the internal importance of the human spirit to conjure such authentic concepts.


Angela Yuen Uyeda
Ballet: Strengthening and Movement, TBA

Angela Yuen Uyeda began her dance training in ballet, studying and performing at schools in San Francisco, Arizona, and Hong Kong. She was privileged to work with choreographer Yuri Zhukov from San Francisco Ballet and directors Sabrina and Xiaomu Hou of Peony Performing Arts. Her style is influenced by her experience in ballet, Chinese Dance, and contemporary. Angela shares her passion of dance with children, teens, and adults as dance instructor in ten San Francisco schools and studios.


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