Children’s Program

Lily Cai Dance Studio’s Children’s Program serves students ages 6 – 17. Children are placed into divisions based on dance ability; age ranges are approximate.

Children’s classes have the unique opportunity to train in the same style as the dancers in the Lily Cai Dance Company. Students will focus on proper technique to maximize their movements; Ms. Cai focuses on the quality of the movement — beginning with the breath and pushing to the ends of their fingertips and toes. Dancers will feel stronger and longer after just a few classes.

In addition, Ms. Cai develops choreography based on the technique, and students have several opportunities to perform in-studio and in public performances.  Below is one of our recent performances at Cowell Theatre in San Francisco.

Class Details

New students please contact us about signing up and private lessons.


Handkerchief Dance, May 2013
Photo by David Uyeda





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